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Upcoming Trips for 2019

For 2019, we have 20+ trips to 12 different countries, and 4 different continents. Whether you're an experienced mountain climber, a weekend hiker, or a foodie, Raido has a trip for you. 🙂

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Best US National Parks by Car

March 4-16, 2020 / 13 days
3 spots left

Peru, a road trip to the Inca country

23 March - 05 April 2020 / 14 days

Tuscany and Umbria, Italy

April 1 - 11, 2020 / 11 days

Peru and Bolivia, world of nature

April 5-18, 2020 / 14 days

Morocco Adventure

April 12-26, 2020 / 15 days

Find Your Next Adventure

Find your next travel adventure and make it memorable. Discover a new country, explore a new culture-rich region, challenge yourself to a long backpacking or trekking adventure, climb mountains, or fill your Instagram with amazing photos.

Raido Destinations

When it comes to exploring exotic places, the choices are numerous. Whether you like peaceful Scandinavia, ancient European cities, exotic North Africa and Middle East, vibrant landscapes of Nepal, or colorful Latin America, we have offers for you.

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Exhilarating Morocco

Explore the unknown

Morocco. Is it Africa or Middle East? Are we in 21st or 16th century? Treat yourself to this unforgettable journey, where the stereotypes are broken, mountains conquered, and new friends are found.

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Exploring means learning. Create new experiences with each journey. Discover different cultures, traditions and landscapes.

“Morocco Adventure” is a perfect example of such a trip.  An eclectic mix of North African Berber culture with Middle Eastern Islam. Atlantic ocean beaches, Sahara desert, and Atlas Mountains collide all in one unforgettable adventure.


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Hiking in the Alps

Fresh air and colors

Magnificent Alps. Join us a multi-day backpacking trip. Submerge yourself in crisp mountain air, a sea of mountains flowers, and breathtaking views. Who said that hiking cannot be fun?

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