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What's in the name?

Raido is one of the runes of the ancient alphabet
used by the Scandinavian and German peoples before
the spread of Latin.
Literally, the Raido rune conveys the sound [r],
and semantically, it denotes “a long way, a journey, a road.”
This rune is the ancestor of the word “road” in all modern
European languages: road, ride, ruta, rotta, route and rota.
The road that renews us, makes us wiser and kinder
is the essence of our lives, because one can only touch
the beauty of the world in motion …

We invite you into our lives to see together an ocean
of clouds from the heights of snow-capped peaks, distant islands
and misty fjords, the cities thanks to which our civilization exists
and the tiny villages where the time has stopped.
We invite you to walk the best trekking routes
with us and travel thousands of kilometers
on the roads of our planet.

Raido Club