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Land of Puffins, Norway

Land of Puffins, Norway

€550 per person


As the experience of past trips shows, May is a pretty good time for this trip. First, this time of the year Norway usually there is very little rainfall. The air has already warmed up, the valleys have flowered, and in the mountains above 700-1000 meters above sea level, there is still snow. Secondly, there are still no crowds of tourists and you can enjoy this beautiful nature around us almost alone.

We will see the famous fjords, we will drive around them and cross them with local ferries.

The island of Runde is a paradise for ornithologists, a lot of different birds nest here, but our main goal is a photo hunting for Atlantic puffins.

We will see many waterfalls in Norway, including Vitifossen, which is the highest in Norway, 275 meters high. At this time in the season, the snow melts intensively and the waterfalls will be deep.

We will visit the country of glaciers, Jostedal National Park, where the Tuftebrin, Nigardsbrin and Fobergstolsbrin glaciers are located. You can come close to them and feel the coldness of their breath.

We will visit the Atlantic Ocean, driving along it along the Atlantic Road over the “drunk” bridge.

We will visit the Troll Church cave, inside of which there is a waterfall. We will also stop by the Troll Ladder viewpoint and visit the Amotan valley.

On the way home, we’ll stop in Oslo, the capital of Norway. You will have free time and can walk around the city center or visit several museums dedicated to the Vikings. Kon-Tiki Museum dedicated to the life and activities of Thor Heyerdahl and his sailing boats. The Fram Museum dedicated to the history of the Norwegian polar expeditions, where you can not just watch but also climb aboard the legendary ship Fram, on which the famous Norwegian polar explorer Nansen went on expeditions.

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Lviv, Ukraine
  • Departure Time
    May 18th, 2020
  • Return Time
    May 31th, 2020

Tour Plan

Day 1
Early departure from Lviv (at 5am), in Poland we buy food for the whole trip. Overnight in Gdansk in the hotel.
Day 2
Driving to Gdynia, from where we take a ferry to Sweden. Ferry travel time is 10 hours, however we should not get bored, there are shops, restaurants, a cinema, a SPA salon and a sauna on board. On arrival, we are staying in a campground in Sweden.
Day 3
Day on the road, with stops, our route lies through Sweden to Norway. Night in tents.
Day 4
Today we will visit Udladalen Valley, we will trek past 3 waterfalls, one of them, Wettisfosen is the highest free-fall waterfall in Norway, 275 meters. Then we are heading to Jossedal National Park. Night in a tent at the campsite.

Day 5
Josedal is a land of glaciers. In the morning we have a short hike to the glacier Nigardsbrin. In the second half of the trek to the glacier Fobergstolsbrin. Night in a tent, outdoors.

Day 6
Another hike to the Tyuftebrin glacier, and then to Breheimen, from where the whole valley be in the palm of our hand. Night in a tent at the campsite.

Day 7
We are leaving Josedal. Reaching the Boyabrin Glacier, we are going to Runde Island. This island is a paradise for ornithologists, many different birds nest here, it is very beautiful, somewhat reminiscent of the coast Scotland and the Faroe Islands. If we are lucky with the weather, we will see Atlantic puffins and many other birds. Night in a tent at the campsite.

Day 8
A short hike on the Runde island and leaving for Alesund, one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. After exploring Alesund, in the center of which you won't find two identical houses, we are moving in the direction of the Ladder Trolls. Night in a tent in nature.

Day 9
Undoubtedly one of the most popular places in Norway is the Troll Ladder. Then we go up to Romstalstrappa and will drive towards the campground near Molde.

Day 10
The Church of Trolley is a 2-level cave with a real waterfall inside - we will see it today. And one more “must see” awaits us on this day - these are amazing landscapes along the Atlantic road and the famous "drunk" bridge. At the end of today's rich program track Amotan Valley, famous for its waterfalls.

Day 11
Early departure, half-day free time to explore Oslo, Fram, Kon-Tiki and other museums. In the evening departure to Sweden. Overnight camping in a tent.
Day 12
Day on the road and night at the campsite in Karlskrona.
Day 13
Ferry to Gdansk, overnight in hotel, in Torun.
Day 14
Estimated time of arrival in Lviv 10pm

Due to weather conditions and the movement pace of the group on the route, minor changes to the program are possible.

The price includes:
  • Transportation costs throughout the entire route, travel by minibus from Lviv;
  • Tickets for all domestic ferries through the fjords;
  • Ticket for ferry across the Baltic Sea both ways;
  • Two nights in a hotel in Poland, 5 nights in a camping in a tent, the other nights outdoors in a tent;
  • The burner and gas, as well as the use of common kitchen equipment. We will cook all meals collectively, your participation is expected
  • Medical first aid kit for the group
  • Professional guide for all hikes and treks
  • Consultations for the trip, personal equipment, insurance, etc
The price doesn’t include:
  • Meals (about 50 euros per person for the whole trip, personal meals are possible if desired);
  • Visa fees for those who do not have a biometric passport or those who need it;
  • Shower in campsites, as well as the use of washing and drying machines; Estimated prices (shower 4-5 minutes = 10 kroons, this is just over 1 euro, use of a washing and drying machine 30-50 kroons each, 1 euro is approximately 9 kroons

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