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Western Norway. The land of fjords and vikings.

Western Norway. The land of fjords and vikings.

€550 per person

From our experience, May is a great time to visit Western Norway. First, this is a low precipitation season, yet warm enough for flowers to start blossoming in the numerous valleys. While the mountains above 700-1000 meters are still covered in snow and contrast nicely with the colorful valleys. Secondly, this is a shoulder season we can avoid crowds of tourists and enjoy this beauty all by ourselves.

  • We will visit famous Lysefjord, Hardangerfjord, Aurlandsfjord and Sognefjords. We drive along them and cross them on ferry where needed.
  • We will see the Preacher’s Pulpit or Preacher’s Chair cliff also known under the Norwegian name Preikestolen.
  • We will photograph massive waterfalls Manafossen, Latefossen, Voringfossen, Tvindefossen and many others. This is the best time to see waterfalls as the snow is melting in May.
  • We will also make sure not to forget the valley of waterfalls in Husedalen which is situated in Hardangervidda National Park. We’ll setup a camp there for a night to soak in the majestic air and sounds.
  • Then, we must visit Boyabreen and Tuftebreen glaciers, and will step on Nigardsbreen and Fobergstolsbreen glaciers so we can feel their cold and frosty breath.
  • Time to reach Atlantic Ocean and most souther lighthouse of Norway, Lindesnes.
  • We will visit famous historic hotel Stalheim and Fossli, as well Kjeaseen farm hanging above the fjord and from which an unforgettable Hardagngerfjord can be seen.
  • We will drive through Ryfylke and Hardanger Fjord national scenic routes.
  • Besides all of this, one our route we will visit ancient wooden church in Roldal built in 1275, one of well known view points above Aurlandsfjord, and 24.5 km long Laerdal tunnel.
  • Along the way, we will stop by capital of Norway, Oslo. There you will have free time to explore the city on your own, its museum covering Viking history. For instance, the Kon Tiki museum houses vessels, maps and other artifacts from the Kon Tiki expedition. Frama museum dedicated to Norwegian polar exploration. And don’t forget to simply walk the streets of Oslo, one of Europe’s best cities

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Lviv, Ukraine
  • Departure Time
    May 1th, 2020
  • Return Time
    May 14th, 2020
  • Included
  • Not Included

Tour Plan

Day 1
Leaving Lviv, Ukraine early in the morning (5am), buy supplies in Poland for the entire trip and drive to Gdansk for the overnight stay in a hotel
Day 2
We take a ferry to Sweden, about 10 hours on a ferry, but we shouldn’t get bored there. The ferry has shops, restaurants, spa salons, sauna and even a movie theater. Once in Sweden, we set up for the camp site and stay in tent overnight
Day 3
Day on the road with pit stops. Our path takes us through Sweden to Norway. On this day, Norway sight seeing and camping in tents overnight
Day 4
We will visit southern most lighthouse in Norway, Lindesness. Then the vast Norwegian Atlantic shore and will head out to Manafossen waterfall, will hike along Mann river towards Manavatnet lake and will see the awesomeness of water around us. We will set up our tents in the Mann river valley. The hike is 8 km long with 300 meters of elevation

Day 5
We are returning to our minibus, having breakfast and on our way to the Preacher’s Pulpit or Preacher’s Chair cliff also known under the Norwegian name Preikestolen. You will see an amazing Lysifjord below you, and then we’ll climb a little more and will photograph Preikestolen from above. Night in tents in a campground under the stars. The hike is 9 km and 350 meters of elevation gain

Day 6
On this day, we are following Ryfylke National Scenic Route, will visit wooden church built in 1275 in Roldale, Latenfossen waterfall and for the night we will head out to Husedalen valley. This waterfall valley has 3 beautiful waterfalls and is located in Hardangervidda National Park. Night in tents in the valley On this day, we will cover of the 8km trek (same trek on the next day) and will gain 400 meters

Day 7
Returning to the bus, we are following Hardanger National Scenic Route. Plenty attraction to see along the route: Voringfossen waterfall, Fossil hotels and view point next to it, Kjeassen farm above the fjord. This is not the day you want to leave your camera behind, you might need it. Tents in a campground overnight

Day 8
Tvindefossen waterfall, Stalheim view point, Nali trek, all of these are in the first half of the day. Then, Stegastein viewpoint above Aurlands fjord (this place is also known as Norwegian Grand Canyon) and then time to drive through 24 km long Laerdal tunnel and of course we have to stop in one of the 3 rest stop inside of the tunnel. Camping overnight in tents.

Day 9
Today we are in Utladalen valley, we will hike along the 3 waterfalls, one of them Vettisfossen stands tall and is the highest free fall waterfall in Norway at 272 meters. Next, we’re off to Jostedalsbreen National Park. Short hike to Nigardsbreen glacier. You can approach the glacier so close that you’ll feel it cold breath and can touch it. Night in the tent

Day 10
Jostedalsbreen is the and of glaciers, so first we approach Fobergstolsbreen glacier, and then Brechemin to see entire valley lie in front of us. Night in the tent. Today’s hike is 5,5 km with 500m elevation gain

Day 11
After a short hike to Tuftebreen glacier, we are leaving Jostedalsbreen and heading out towards Oslod. Night in the tent Today’s hike is 8 km with 500 meters elevation gain

Day 12
Free time to explore Oslo, Fraam and Kon-Koi-Tiki museums or just to stroll around Oslo. We’re leaving for Sweden in the evening and stay in tents overnight
Day 13
Ferry to Gdansk, and night in Toruni hotel
Day 14
Back in Lviv around 8pm.

Due to weather conditions and the movement pace of the group on the route, minor changes to the program are possible.

The price includes:
  • Transportation costs throughout the entire route, travel by minibus from Lviv;
  • Tickets for all domestic ferries through the fjords;
  • Ticket for ferry across the Baltic Sea both ways;
  • Two nights in a hotel in Poland, 5 nights in a camping in a tent, the other nights outdoors in a tent;
  • The burner and gas, as well as the use of common kitchen equipment. We will cook all meals collectively, your participation is expected
  • Medical first aid kit for the group
  • Professional guide for all hikes and treks
  • Consultations for the trip, personal equipment, insurance, etc
The price doesn’t include:
  • Meals (about 50 euros per person for the whole trip, personal meals are possible if desired);
  • Visa fees for those who do not have a biometric passport or those who need it;
  • Shower in campsites, as well as the use of washing and drying machines; Estimated prices (shower 4-5 minutes = 10 kroons, this is just over 1 euro, use of a washing and drying machine 30-50 kroons each, 1 euro is approximately 9 kroons

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